February 12, 2013

I Blame My Chair

It's not my fault that I started another quilt.  Really.  It just happened.  I was being good, working on the backing for my French General UFO, and began straightening up the sewing room.  (no good deed goes unpunished)

When I put the Kaffe fabrics away in their bin drawer, the drawer was very tight--I really had to jamb them in.  Later when flipping through an older issue of Quilt Sampler (Spring/Summer 2011), I happened on this photo:

The quilt in this photo is made with Kaffe fabrics. Making this quilt would make more room in my Kaffe bin, wouldn't it?

 It was meant to be.  I immediately started cutting squares and arranging the squares on the design board.  (Right over the French General hexagons.)

There were a few technical difficulties (not having enough of a couple of the fabrics, and having to track down more and work a little creative cutting magic).  Don't look too closely below, or you might see where I had to "create" one more piece of the red.  (that blue arrow points to the extra seam) 
I am down to only scraps of a couple of these fabrics now. (And yet that Kaffe bin is still too tightly stuffed.  Weird.)  The top is together--it went really quickly.  I just need to do the borders--and you know how I hate to do borders. 
Sunday, I started clearing my cutting area to have room to cut the borders, and sitting on my cutting board was this lonely pile of fabrics, just waiting for me to finish.  They looked so Valentine's-ish.  I've been collecting fabrics in red/pink/black for awhile, and had promised them I would do something with them this Valentine's Day.  (The group really came together when I found some by Robin Zingone named Stockholm in lipstick. They just sing red and pink.)
Sigh.  You know what happened.  Pretty soon the fabrics were being cut into hexagons.  And now, the design wall looks like this.
I blame it on my chair.  Pink chairs are a dangerous influence! (It was a bargain from Staples last September--and though I know it won't hold up to hard use, I couldn't resist!)
And I will cut the borders today--I will. I will. I will!  Right after I clear a spot on the cutting table--again!
Happy stitching!


Shirley said...

I think I am in love with all that pink gorgeousness. No one will notice a tiny little join. You are working well on that mojo.

Exuberant Color said...

I just call those bonus quilts, squeezed in between the finishing of others. Sounds all too much like my saga as I try to clean off the cutting table.....

Debra said...

Really lovely quilts, love those hexies the colour combination looks great. I have a purple chair that I got from a hard rubbish collection that I'm very fond of but I'd really love a bright pink chair like yours.

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, you have been on a roll! Love both of your projects! Yes, blame the chair. It works for me!

I'm with you on borders. Unless I plan them from the beginning, they're just tough to do. Don't know why. But backs are even harder!

Janet said...

There's nowhere to cut on my table either. I love, love the Kaffe quilt and the pinks are glorious.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Lol!! I have a hot pink chair too!!! I love your Kaffe quilt!! And your hexagons too! There's a colourful party going on in your sewing room, that's for sure!

Miranda said...

Amazing....my first time ever... visiting you're blog and love the quilts you going to make! Happy Valentine. Greetz from the Netherlands

Nancy said...

You have been really busy and I am loving that pink chair.