February 04, 2013

A Review of 2012

When I went to write a post summarizing 2012, I looked at what I had completed  during the year, and got depressed.  I'm sure that's why I haven't posted for almost three months!   (I also got the flu, and my dog was sick for a week, and my daughter was home for a short visit, but mostly I was just depressed.)   

To fix the depression, ;) I started a couple of new projects (next post), and now I feel much better.   And since I’m feeling a bit better, and in order to hold myself accountable (and help me remember what I need to work on), here’s my 2012 update. 
(Warning:  This post is mostly for me and boring, so feel free to stop reading here!)
During 2012, I started NINE new projects:   

 1.  Just Takes Two – finished roughly half the blocks.
 2.  Sparkle Punch Quiltalong – sent to be quilted*
 3.  Building Houses from Scraps – decided I’m not going to finish these—will save for some project to use them in
4.  Puzzled Quilt – pieced top completed*
5.  Granny Squares Quilt – partially assembled, but progress has stopped*
6.  Raining Cats and Dogs – 6 blocks begun and in various stages of completion
7.  Pillow Shams for Alex – COMPLETED!  This is the only project I managed to complete in 2012.
8.  Bordered Diamonds #2 – began making diamonds in November to make a second quilt*
9.  Mid 19th Century Star Quilt – began making the blocks, but stopped to “collect” more turquoise fabrics

 I also have 12 projects still unfinished from 2010 and 2011:

1.  Courthouse Steps - blocks made
2.  Maple Leaf Rag - pieces cut--barely started
3.  Capriccio Too - barely started, just some leftover scraps used
4.  Single Girl - strips cut, colors picked out, but forgot and used the background fabric in Sparkle Punch quilt (above) –whoops!
5.  Strippling Vine - top completed, backing purchased, needs quilting*
6.  Portraits in My Garden - completed top, needs quilting
7.  French General Reine des Abeilles - completed top, needs quilting*
8.  Flower Garden – Completed 6 more flower blocks, now 15/24 done—0/4 borders done
9.  King George III – Completed 1 block, now 3/13 blocks completed, 1 cut out 
10.  Coming Up Roses - squares cut out and piecing started
11.  Hugs and Kisses - have begun sewing blocks together*
12.  Roseville Album (2010) – nothing complete, but have been working on two of the panels. 10/13 blocks, 1/4 panels, 0/4 borders done

Absolutely NO progress was made on numbers 1-8. A smidgeon of progress was made on numbers 9-12.  So to sum up, in ALL of  2012, I finished two pillow shams for my daughter--lucky her!  That’s IT! 

So, I’ve decided 2013 will have to be a "Year of Finishing".  It’s going to be boring, but it has to be done.  LITERALLY DONE.  My goal is to send one quilt to the quilter each month or two, and try to finish up a few of these tops (marked by *) or to at least get them quilted. 

So far in 2013, I've had one quilt quilted--no binding yet (of course). The quilting does look great though:

Front of Sparkle Punch

Back of Sparkle Punch
And we won’t talk about the projects that are older than 2010—Out of sight, out of mind…..and definitely not on the to do list this year!


Exuberant Color said...

That wasn't boring! If it hadn't been for 2 deadlines I would NEVER have finished what I did, and I have at least as many waiting for borders, waiting for quilting, etc. You have quite a few ready or almost ready for quilting so you will make great progress this year. I'll be here to cheer you on!

Debra said...

I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one who didn't have a lot of finishes for 2012. I too was depressed when I realised I only finished one quilt myself and had one quilted for the whole year. The quilt I was hand quilting was started at least one or two years previously.

Nancy said...

You are so brave to list your unfinished projects. I just try to believe I don’t have any. LOL!

Shirley said...

I have a book with all my projects listed and I strike them through with a marker when they are finished. Not looking very colourful nor is it up to date. I am a hopeless cause. I did finish a baby quilt though. May add that one so that I can cross it off. We are the same the world over.

Selvage Quilter said...

Beautiful quilts! I have "a few" to finish too!