March 06, 2013

Good News/Bad News

It's been a busy time, and I've only a few minutes for an update, so here goes........

Good News:  The borders are on and this quilt's off to be quilted. 

Bad News: The two quilts (Bordered Diamonds and French General) are back and now need binding!

And add them to the the other one waiting, and it means a month of sewing on bindings ahead!

Bindings = ICK ICK ICK
Good News:  The hexies are sewn together. 

Bad News: I am super sick of pink, and there's still a BIG stack of leftover hexies still to use.

I've put the spare hexies and the top away for a "rest" period before any sewing more pink. I'm still trying to decide about the border treatment, and that will take time--maybe years.

Good News:  Found these cute little bins at Hobby Lobby.  They aren't durable (made of paper), but at only $1.99 each, they've been a good aid in keeping the cutting table organized.  I use them to coral and sort the scraps.  And when they aren't in use, they stack nicely.     

Bad News: They are full of more pink scraps to use up!
BIG, BIG GOOD NEWS: I've had the same sewing machine for FORTY years. When it started having problems, a very nice friend loaned me her older (1130) Bernina, which was a definite help (thanks Patty!) But now I have a new one of these (woohoo!) and a new cabinet will come tomorrow! The spot is all vacuumed and ready!

Bad News:  I am such a slow learner--it's a big jump to computerized from my old Viking.  I am more than a little bit intimidated.  Even worse, I have been too busy with family stuff to be able to spend much time getting acquainted--maybe tomorrow........

If you don't see many posts from me for awhile, please ask someone to check to see if I've accidentally sewn myself into something and am stuck under the presser foot. 

Happy Stitching!