January 17, 2011

Number Six Finished for January UFO Challenge!

The number drawn for this month's Patchwork Times UFO Challenge was SIX, which meant I had two blocks to complete in January. Both of them were already in progress, which is why there were two.  (Normally it takes me the better part of a month to complete a block if I do anything else, and as a perpetual starter, I almost always start something else.)

But this month I've been unusually good, and I stayed focused on my number 6 to the point of obsession--probably because the weather outside has been either bitterly cold or raining and wet, making it awfully nice to curl up and stay warm. And so (cue the trumpets!)...

I'm excited to report that both blocks are FINISHED! 

The first one was finished January 7, which is amazing even to me.  (Of course it is a simpler block with fewer pieces than the other one.)  The second block was finished this morning! Here's how they turned out:

Now I've got to decide what to do with the rest of January...

Strange as it seems, I feel the need to start work on another UFO--not a new project. As much as I would like to think it is due to growing self-control, or the result of joining the UFO Challenge,  I think it is likely due to the fact that the mess from making the blocks and their fabric selections is so large in my sewing room that I feel the need to work on something outside of that room. (Cleaning is just not an attractive option.) Of course, it also helps that many of my UFO's are so old that they're almost like working on a new project!

I'll probably start work on one of my larger quilts that I need to lay out on the floor to see, probably number 7, unless I get distracted by something new.... Happy Stitching!