February 05, 2013

Bordered Diamonds--Again

So what have I been doing these past three months?  Starting new projects, of course.

Back in October/November, I pulled out some leftover diamonds from the first Bordered Diamond quilt I made (see here), and decided to put together another one as a gift for Christmas (crazy, I know).  I had a bunch of leftover diamonds.  I always cut way too many.  A girl needs options--and I'm a lazy cutter, so a strip is easier than just one fussy cut.

Last time, I followed the Kaffe instructions, sewing the narrow strips onto the diamonds in a clockwise order, but this time I did it differently--sewing two opposite sides on, then trimming and sewing the next two sides on.  The diamonds went together much faster on the assembly since trimming was done half as often.  They didn't look all that different. 

Clockwise                        Opposite Sides

But, when I went to sew them together, I discovered that the new method of construction meant I had twice as many seams to match up when the blocks were sewn together--hopefully you can see the seams.

Opposite Sides
So, having done it both ways, I'd recommend the clockwise way (unless you are a more accurate sewer than I am). :)  And yes, I still have diamonds left!  And even more partial diamonds from the edges of both quilts too.  And some unsewn diamonds.  And a bunch of strips.  But I don't plan to make another one of these--maybe something with triangles instead.

Here are the borders that I decided to use.  The outer border is the same one that I used on the other Bordered Diamond quilt....it just seems to pull the colors together the best of all the fabrics I tried.  I didn't have enough of the inner border to use again (which I am trying out in the photo below), so I switched to the violet in this photo which goes nicely with the backing--it's ok, though not my favorite. 

For the back, I'm using the blue fabric with roses, which is a Phillip Jacobs print, called Lilac Rose, but I think it is out of print.  I've had it for several years--bought on a closeout sale for a ridiculously low price, and it feels good to finally use it! 

The top is finished, the backing pieced (with roses matched!), and it's ready to go to the quilter on Monday! Hooray!   Just a bit late for Christmas--but at least closer to done!

And, last but not least, last Tuesday we had a strangely peaceful snow storm, which managed to carefully stack inches of snow on narrow objects, turning the ordinary into beautiful.

My lovely daughter who had come home for a short visit, joined her furry sister to make a set of snow people parents just for us!   (Miss you sweetie!)

Happy Stitching!


LynCC said...

Don't you love visits from our daughters? :) Our Devon came home last weekend, too, and I really enjoyed it. Gorgeous snowfall you had. And your diamonds are absolutely beautiful!

Exuberant Color said...

I still haven't finished my first bordered diamonds so you are way ahead of me. I'm hung up on border choices. Maybe it's time to do it. I like your backing fabric. I got in a few of those sales too. I love pretty fabric on the back.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Donna. I like it when the snow is only in pictures! It's springtime in Tunisia, slowly slowly it's coming. Really loved the diamond quilt with its many colors. Too pretty!
best, nadia

Janet said...

The diamond quilt looks wonderful and I wouldn't think it mattered how the borders are sewn on, the simpler the better in my book. I love the choice for the border and the Phillip Jacobs fabrics are so great for backings.
Great photos of the snow and your gorgeous daughter.

Shirley said...

You have been working hard and it all looks exuberant and colourful. Doesn't snow make everywhere look magical.

Cathy said...

Wow, your bordered diamonds are looking fabulous (mine are hidden in the cupboard somewhere!!), and I love that backing, perfect!! I cannot imagine living in snow, but I love seeing it through amazing photo's like yours!! xo

judith lockhart said...

Your bordered diamonds are beautiful! I am also glad to see I'm not the only one so behind on my UFO projects. I'm really trying this year to get a handle on it but also want to start some new ones......guess that's how most quilters are!