June 24, 2015

Home and catching up

We've been busy moving my daughter, and we're not finished yet.  But all that driving time means stitching time, so I've accomplished a few more blocks on the 1718 Quiltalong.  They aren't perfect (applique in a car rarely is), but they are finished, and finished is good.

I've also been busy making things for the baby's room--dust ruffles and crib sheets.  The shrinking width of fabric from the once standard 45" to today's 41 or 42" really has complicated making crib sheets.  Very annoying to have to sew an additional piece on for the needed width.  Crib sheets used to be so simple.

I don't have any good photos of the finished products, since they're already in the nursery, but you can get an idea of the pretty lime green my dil chose for the room.

I've also been making a bunch of economy blocks and have discovered that my accuracy is even worse than I thought!    This project is going to have to sit a while until I get my patience restored enough to try to match points and sew the blocks together.
This lone block and its mate is still up on the wall because I have lost both the side pieces AND misfiled the fabric I cut them from.  (I'm making two of each block, since it is so much work to cut different ones from stash--and then put it all away)  May someday the fabric will turn up...I hope.
And as if that is not enough to work on, I started another new project with scraps, playing along with everyone doing the Quilt Vortex quiltalong by Crazy Mom Quilts.  Nothing much to see yet, except a mess of scraps in my once clean sewing room.  It's fun to have a project that doesn't require much accuracy or thinking or matching and uses up fabric I already have....perfect for me!