January 14, 2014

Few Words Wednesday

Not too much getting accomplished here lately.....
One King George circle completed.
One more King George circle in process.
Some fabric picked out for a binding--and it didn't even get to the ironed stage, but PLEASE notice that you can actually see the carpet! ( I haven't done much sewing since I cleaned up the sewing room for Christmas, but this is the cleanest the room will be for awhile, so I have to document this cleanliness while it lasts!) 
The fabric is for the binding for Turn by Turn that I was working on a year ago.
And have I been sewing?  Nope, not much. 
My New Year's resolution was to put our financial records in order and get our taxes ready early.  That project has been a much bigger project than I planned on (so many years to go through and struggling with a new version of Quicken on the computer), but I am making some progress, and am feeling virtuous about the whole endeavor.
Not sure how long my commitment to paperwork will last.  I can hear my stash getting restless.
A week ago, our front yard looked like this.
Today it was beautifully sunny outside, most of the snow is gone, and it feels like Spring is on the way.  I know that's just wishful thinking, but I did take a little walk to enjoy the nice weather.  And great news:  My dd is coming home for 3 days later this month--it's almost like an extra Christmas! I can hardly wait!

Happy Stitching!