October 28, 2011

Black Cats visit the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

The quilt I would like to share with you for Blogger’s QuiltFestival is Black Cats. 

Although this isn’t a new quilt (at all), it is my most Halloween-ish quilt, and one I haven’t shown. 

So Happy Halloween from my Black Cats!

The quilt was made from a pattern by Country Threads called Thomas (copyright 1989, so doubtful it is still available). 

 It was a fun pattern to make because of the chance to use so many different fabrics (more fabrics are always more fun!)

The cats are pieced, then appliquéd onto a background which is pieced.

  Hard to believe, but I actually did hand quilting on these! (Look at the back legs of the cats)

Be sure to visit the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and enjoy the numerous lovely quilts that are participating!


Happy Stitching and Happy Halloween!

October 04, 2011

Progress--UFO #5

Finished another Roseville Album block last night.  Hooray!  I've been working on it on and off for awhile, trying to get ahead of the game.  It is UFO #5, and the UFO Challenge for October, so I'm ahead for the month.  My goal is to finish out all my UFO's so December will be a month off to enjoy doing whatever I want.

It's the last block of the center nine, so now there are "only" three panels, three blocks, and the borders to go!  It's a dreary, dark day outside, so the colors don't show up real well, but you can get an idea of what they all look like.   (I would wait, but I want to move the blocks off my design wall.)

Back to work....Happy Stitching!

October 01, 2011

Spot, Dot and Flo--plus 1

As promised, here are the three Flower Garden blocks I haven't shown you--plus one of their friends who had a circle added to her top to spice it up a bit and was out and about with them at photo time.  They are all on the same background fabric--Kona Snow--but somehow are choosing to look as though they're not.




September's UFO

September was a good month for projects and I accomplished more than usual, so that’s a good thing.  Unfortunately the September UFO wasn’t among the things finished. 

My September UFO Challenge was the two quilt tops shown above which both needed to be finished (bordered, quilted, and bound).  You can read about them here if you want, but the short story is one of the two is at the quilter’s (not due to be finished until October 10th) and I have decided not to finish the other watermelon one, pending making a new “top” for the back, so I can have a double sided tablecloth.  (Still unfinished, but moved to a “new” UFO category!)

Since I couldn’t finish my #11 this month, I have unilaterally decided to substitute UFO #3 for it—just finished yesterday afternoon:

Next month’s UFO Challenge block is #5, another Roseville Album block—only 1 more center section block to go!  I'll show a photo of all of them all together next month (assuming #5 gets finished!) 

I also finished three Flower Garden blocks, which I'll post as soon as the blocks are ironed and the sun comes out for a photo.
Scoreboard for the Month/Year/Total Project:
Roseville Blocks – one in September -9/13 blocks, 1/4 panels, 0/4 borders completed
Flower Garden Blocks – 3 completed in September, 9/24 blocks completed  (photo soon!)
King George III - 1/12 completed, none in September
UFO Challenges Completed - 9/12, up to date (with the substitution)
Old projects Entirely Completed - 4
New Projects Started – 9, including the Portraits in My Garden started in September
Happy Stitching!