March 17, 2014

Shining stars, but no triangles

As you all know, I've been struggling with my pink and green triangles.  I finally decided to work on them a couple weeks ago.  But before doing them, I decided to clean up the sewing room (and pick up all the triangles that have fallen off the design wall).

But wouldn't you know it, when cleaning, I came across a group of fabric I had pulled for a baby quilt.  The baby ended up being a girl, so I went with the more girlish stack of fabrics, and this group was left behind.

Before I knew what was happening, these fabrics were cut up.  And while I was cutting those, I might as well cut a few more for another quilt I had planned to make, right?  And then I could put the fabrics all away and have a clean place for my triangle construction, right?  Well, no.

You know I started sewing the pieces.  Just for the one group of fabrics.  A little sewing wouldn't hurt--just to make sure I didn't need to cut more before I put the fabrics away, right?  The stars felt like an antidote to the green and pink.  A cleansing of the palate, or palette, so to speak.  Sure to get me ready for the triangles, right?  Well no again.

The stars are assembled, but I think I will do some sort of border with the leftover pieces.  We'll see.  I really enjoyed working with these colors.  I'm calling this one Shine--as in let your star shine.   You can see my tax return bins on the edge of the next photo.  I'm still trying to organize our financial records/paperwork  (35 years makes a real mess!)

I started on the other quilt I cut this weekend too.  No photos of that because the camera has decided to go on strike.  And no triangle sewing so far....  I may need an intervention.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!