September 15, 2010

Goodies in the Mail

Monday when I went out to get my mail, the mailbox was jammed.  That's when I remembered that I'd been lucky enough to be the 2nd place winner of the Star Struck Quilts book blog tour on Quilternity's Place.  I wasn't lucky enough to win the book (which looks like it has all kind of lovely quilts in it), but I did get some fun, fun goodies.  (I was especially excited to win a Chaco pen--I have debated purchasing one for awhile, so great timing!)

I'm sure they'll all be put to good use!    Thanks so much to Barbara Cline at Delightful Piecing and Teri Cohen at From Here to Quilteternity for hosting the tour!


Barbara said...

Hello Donna,

Hope you enjoy these. The pins I like because they are fine and I can sew right up to them. And I do really like the Choco roller. I use it often for marking my quilts when I am machine quilting. I even play around designing with it and then if I don't like the design I just vigorously pat my hand on the quilt and dust it out.
Barbara Cline

imquilternity said...

Congratulations to you!!