September 20, 2010

Christmas in September?? Thanks Barb & Mary!

Sadly, our summer is coming to an end--at least on the calendar. Since we had a wet spring and cool weather in June and July, it seems early, but the first day of fall is on Wednesday.   One good thing that resulted from our odd summer was that my potted flowers grew enormous.

I kept meaning to take a photo of them, but didn't, and since the nights are getting colder, it's now or never.

Please try to pretend they are covered with blooms like they were just a couple weeks ago.

And while you were busy looking at the pretend blooms, did you notice the boxes by the front door? 

I knew what two of them were:  Last fall I had some problems with my knee, then topped that by falling down some stairs and spraining my ankle.

Despite therapy, I developed a frozen ankle and bottom foot pain this summer. So more therapy. Two of the boxes are supplies to help me rehab my ankle (and whole body--it needs it!). Cheaper to buy the equipment than to pay for the therapy appointments.  

The blue cushion is supposed to help with balance--hmmm--even my good ankle has trouble standing on it--it will likely become a chair cushion! The half roller is for balance also. The full roller is primarily for my husband (if you're ordering, you might as well make it count!)  

I'm sure in a couple of weeks I will be slim, trim and flexible--right?  Now if you know where I can order energy and motivation, please let me know.... 

The third box is definitely more exciting!  It's from Barb and Mary who write the blog, Fun with Barb and Mary.  Visit their page for lots of lovely quilts and inspiration, and recently some delicious looking whoopie pies.  And, I was the winner of their wonderful fall basket!!!! Whoopie for me!!! (with almost no calories!) 
So surprising, as I never win anything, and this was the second time I've won something in the past couple of weeks. (My luck's been so good, I guess I should have bought a lottery ticket!) As I moved the boxes inside, I was surprised by how heavy this box was, but no wonder with all the goodies inside...
Two books full of tempting quilts to make (I've already spotted one I will make soon as my self-discipline wains), tons of lovely fabrics, a wonderful basket, a cute bookmark kit, notepads, and some other fun treats!  My oh my!


And after seeing my blog and realizing I was working on the bright colored Roseville, these wonderful girls added some bright fabric to their original Fall basket  (so nice, but not necessary!)  These will definitely find a role in that project (and/or another one I've got going on too!)

And, I think maybe they've been reading my mind--how did they know my latest addiction is for Linder Orange chocolate bars??  (They are wonderful!)

I kept thinking it was Christmas, but then I opened the crayons and smelled that new crayon smell.  I guess it's Fall after all.....and it looks like it's going to be a wonderful one!   Thanks Barb and Mary--you made my day!

PS.  FINALLY finished both quilt tops (and their backs), and they'll go to be quilted this week.  I figured out the fabric for the birds and am continuing to stitch on my first Roseville panel--I'm awfully slow, and it's maybe a third completed.  Will post a photo in the next few days...


Piecefully Pam said...

WOW!!! I LOVE how your gardens and plants look...with or without the blooms!!! : ) The colors and textures are terrific. I am hoping to build a new garden. How did you do yours?! Books, a landscaper or does it come naturally to you...

What a FUN win too. Colorful and filled with inspiration.

Best of luck rehabing your ankle! Does pushing on a sewing pedal count as therapy?!

Barb said...

Hi your flowers are lovely!!
have fun with your goodies!