August 26, 2010

Progress (on the Roseville) Whoops!

I know, I know.  I wasn't going to start until I finished both tops...

Today I cut out the background pieces for the Roseville anyway. I am quite excited!!  (I am thinking this doesn't count this as actually starting the Roseville--maybe it's just preparing to start?)  In cutting, I came close to having a serious problem, and am mentioning the obvious here just so you don't experience it too. My fabric had a factory flaw in it.  (the pencil is pointing at it)

I was fortunate, since I saw it early in the process, and was able to cut around it.  So the lesson here is to be sure to scrutinize your fabric on both sides before cutting large pieces, then if you have an unhappy surprise, you can work with it.  (You all probably do this, but I usually just make scrap quilts where a bad piece is easily replaced, but not so with the large Roseville Album background pieces).

Also, you can see in the photo above that I used my new rotary cutter pinking blade to cut the pieces so they wouldn't fray as I applique them.  (Hopefully this won't be a problem when putting them together later, but I don't think it will be as the pieces need to be squared up later anyway.)  The pinking blade worked really slick, and I am pleased with it, although I wonder how long it will stay sharp.  Time will tell if it is worth the extra money. 

Tomorrow (??) I'll behave and get back to work on my quilt top.... I will, I really will.  The draw of the Roseville is strong though--I'm not sure how long I can resist appliquing a few pieces.


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Sorry to see your fabric flaw and good thing you caught it early on in your cutting session. I can't wait for you to start your RA quilt, I think the applique pattern is amazing!

Piecefully Pam said...

It's a good thing you had a keen eye and noticed the fabric flaw! Thanks for the reminder. Checking fabrics, especially large pieces, is certainly smart. Especially when a lot of time will be spent doing applique... ; )

Kathie said...

I am very excited you will be starting the roseville album quilt too!
Its hard not to at least sew a few leaves down :)
when I am ironing yardage for applique before I start cutting I always check for flaws good tip !