August 10, 2010

New Wave is a Top

Finished stitching the New Wave together--it was a fast and fun one to make, and now I feel like I've gotten those colors out of my system.  I am thinking about backing it with a minkee-type product, but I've never used it before.  Would love some advice if you've used it--is it something that is quilted or tied to hold it in place?  This top is larger than I expected (51 x 58 or so), so it would seem like the minkee would shift if not secured somehow, but it's such a good size for a cuddle quilt, and the minkee would be wonderful to snuggle in.  Here's the finished (thus far, and probably for awhile) product:

 And now it's back to the things I need to get done like the quilt on my floor that my dog keeps running across--as well as cleaning up the sewing room so there's room to work again.


Terry said...

It's a beautiful quilt! I love all the bright colors! :0)

Janet said...

Hooray for you, it looks wonderful.