October 13, 2014

The New Normal

When you have one of these around, not much quilting gets done.  It's hard to turn down a face like this.

Fortunately she still takes a lot of naps, and I've been able to finish the binding on two quilts, and sew a sleeve on each of them. 

The sun and wind didn't cooperate for my photo (and naptime is short), so here's a picture of one of them inside (they are identical).
And I finished one more King George circle (finally!)
You know that feeling when you have eaten too much for dinner and had dessert too?  This is what the dog version of that looks like.  Thank goodness some of that belly is gone today, and her food is being strictly measured.  She apparently knows no limits. (she used to leave food and stop when she was full)
At least for that moment, she slept like a baby.  At 2:00 am, not so much.

Happy quilting--hope you get to sew more than I have!


Shirley said...

Very cute distraction. Sewing looks good too.

Barb said...

awe super cute puppy!! what a doll
the twin quilts are very cute too

LynCC said...

Sweet, sweet baby!! Definitely worth the slow-down in quilting work while she grows up Those quilts are adorable and cheery.