October 09, 2014

Can you have too much Red?

Not much quilting being done.  I started a new project this past Saturday:

My favorite Red

She's a sweetie, but keeps me on the move.  So far she is still known as Red.  And you can see that she likes batiks.  (It's an old hair scrunchy I made 20 years ago, but she loves it!) 

So if I'm missing online, you know why.  I have managed to squeeze in a little machine binding--one done, two in process, and one to go.  Maybe photos this weekend?  I can hope.  With Red's help, it will be hard!

Happy quilting!


LynCC said...

Awww :D What cutie!

Barb said...

OMG what a sweet puppy! Lucky you and Red - have fun and give her a scratch for me.

Shirley said...

Red is gorgeous. X