August 27, 2014

So Long Summer

It looks like I haven't accomplished anything since May.  Can that be right?  Where has the summer gone? 

I was looking through my summer clothes today in anticipation of a couple little trips, and realized I have one pair of capris I haven't even worn this summer.  What am I saving them for?   It's so unlikely that they'll even fit next year!  (Bet you can guess in which way)

It's just like I save those "special" fabrics, that I love too much to cut.  Does that means I make all my quilts with second rate fabrics?  Definitely food for thought.  I'm trying to use more of my favorite fabrics instead of just storing them to show up in my estate sale someday.  Even if they are just used on a back, it's better to have a pretty back than a pretty fabric in the closet.  So my current goal is to cut and use the prettiest fabrics.  I can always buy more fabric--and another pair of capris.

Ok, so back to the summer.  In no particular order, we spent a week on the Oregon coast, and had a wonderful time with both kids for part of the time.  I love the time we spend there--a definite recharge!

The beach is always wonderful, and the flowers were spectacular.

Look at all the caterpillars on the yellow flowers.

I did do some quilting too!  I finished a quilt I call Reach for the Stars, for my new great-nephew, born just last week, and it's packed up and ready to mail tomorrow.  It was put together using the same method as the Sparkle Punch Quilt Along.

It has the most luscious minkie backing.  I would love a cuddle quilt of minkie (just in case you'd like to make me one!)  Wouldn't that be the most luxurious thing?  Has anyone tried a bed size minkie quilt?

I also finished 3 more tops and backs that are ready for the quilter.  Two are baby sized, and packed up to go, and the one below is more of a  large toddler size.  It just got away from me--was having so much fun playing with the fabrics.  It is a scaled down version of the Turn by Turn quilt I made earlier this year.  In looking for a photo of it, I guess it rained so much this spring I never took a finished one.  Maybe I can do them both together when this one is done.  I do love putting Kaffe's together.  May as well put Kaffe quilts together too.

All I can show you of the other two is the binding which is ready and waiting.  Hopefully there will be enough for both of them--they're virtually identical--maybe for twins? :)  I just happened to have enough leftovers to make it work.

And, lest you think I completely avoided it, I did begin to work on the Pyramid quilt again...mostly putting the pieces that had fallen (been knocked off by someone careless--me) back up on the design wall.  Not much sewing, but hey, it's a start.  I had thought about doing something different in one section, but I finally decided to save that for the back, so can move forward now.  Decision points always seem to stop me until I resolve the issue--sometimes it takes years to get back to it.  Lately, it is easier because I tend to forget what the problem was!

Hope you've had a nice summer.  Happy stitching!

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