February 17, 2014

When it rains...

When it snows, it's only right to make snowmen.  What do you sew when it is grey and drab and rains (pours) all the time?  Well plaid blocks, of course.

I've spent much of the last week making a few more blocks from the Just Takes Two BOM from a year or two ago.  My method is to look through the remaining undone blocks and pick the easiest ones--which isn't a good method as they get harder and harder.  I still have quite a few more to go. 
I'm also trying to use up pre-cut squares I have left from earlier plaid projects.  Definitely forces the blocks to be a bit mixed up, which I like, and blends well with my lack of precision when putting the blocks together, as a couple didn't end up being the right size. 
I think there may have been a correction done after I printed out the instructions that I didn't pay attention to (and I apparently can't read), so I've created slightly new blocks.  I figure they will fit together (or not) when I get them all done, and if not, I'll just use a few fill strips or blocks. 
The basket block is one example--I just sized it up to the next size and will trim off the extra when the time comes.  And the block to its lower right is another example.  They were supposed to be 3 of the little blocks, but since each ended up exactly 1/2 inch too small, I made a 4th and stitched them all together. I may eventually just create a few more blocks of my own.   And note to self:  Measure, READ, and check the math before you cut and sew them.  Duh.  
After a week of plaid, though, I'm ready to move on to some sunshine (yes, I'm trying to be hopeful).  And, no, I still haven't done anything about those bothersome pyramids...  Maybe it's their turn this week?  Doubtful.  I've something new I'd like to start.  ;)   

  Hope you are staying warm--Happy Stitching & Happy President's Day!


Shirley said...

Staying warm and dry and sewing too. Made my block for my group's raffle quilt so I can cross that off the list and feel virtuous. I think your blocks will work together and better than you think. Still love those bright pyramids.

Nancy said...

At least you have hope of finishing yours. I have just given up on mine and put it away.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

LOL…your design wall looks like mine. I usually have numerous projects all mooshed on there together.
From what I can see I like everything you have going on there.
I vote you should get to those pyramids, very nice!

Dawn said...

I love your creative design wall! I like a lot of color in winter. Enjoy.