January 14, 2014

Few Words Wednesday

Not too much getting accomplished here lately.....
One King George circle completed.
One more King George circle in process.
Some fabric picked out for a binding--and it didn't even get to the ironed stage, but PLEASE notice that you can actually see the carpet! ( I haven't done much sewing since I cleaned up the sewing room for Christmas, but this is the cleanest the room will be for awhile, so I have to document this cleanliness while it lasts!) 
The fabric is for the binding for Turn by Turn that I was working on a year ago.
And have I been sewing?  Nope, not much. 
My New Year's resolution was to put our financial records in order and get our taxes ready early.  That project has been a much bigger project than I planned on (so many years to go through and struggling with a new version of Quicken on the computer), but I am making some progress, and am feeling virtuous about the whole endeavor.
Not sure how long my commitment to paperwork will last.  I can hear my stash getting restless.
A week ago, our front yard looked like this.
Today it was beautifully sunny outside, most of the snow is gone, and it feels like Spring is on the way.  I know that's just wishful thinking, but I did take a little walk to enjoy the nice weather.  And great news:  My dd is coming home for 3 days later this month--it's almost like an extra Christmas! I can hardly wait!

Happy Stitching!

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Carolyn Loewen said...

Totally understand your commitment to catching up on your taxes. We went through the same thing last year and had to catch up on 7 years, but we did it! It's such a burden lifted off the shoulders. We also used Quicken and found it perfect for our needs. Sort receipts by month into accordian style folder, then tackle entry of one month at a time. It really breaks it down into manageable steps. Good luck!