October 01, 2011

September's UFO

September was a good month for projects and I accomplished more than usual, so that’s a good thing.  Unfortunately the September UFO wasn’t among the things finished. 

My September UFO Challenge was the two quilt tops shown above which both needed to be finished (bordered, quilted, and bound).  You can read about them here if you want, but the short story is one of the two is at the quilter’s (not due to be finished until October 10th) and I have decided not to finish the other watermelon one, pending making a new “top” for the back, so I can have a double sided tablecloth.  (Still unfinished, but moved to a “new” UFO category!)

Since I couldn’t finish my #11 this month, I have unilaterally decided to substitute UFO #3 for it—just finished yesterday afternoon:

Next month’s UFO Challenge block is #5, another Roseville Album block—only 1 more center section block to go!  I'll show a photo of all of them all together next month (assuming #5 gets finished!) 

I also finished three Flower Garden blocks, which I'll post as soon as the blocks are ironed and the sun comes out for a photo.
Scoreboard for the Month/Year/Total Project:
Roseville Blocks – one in September -9/13 blocks, 1/4 panels, 0/4 borders completed
Flower Garden Blocks – 3 completed in September, 9/24 blocks completed  (photo soon!)
King George III - 1/12 completed, none in September
UFO Challenges Completed - 9/12, up to date (with the substitution)
Old projects Entirely Completed - 4
New Projects Started – 9, including the Portraits in My Garden started in September
Happy Stitching!


JCnNC said...

I think your finishes are wonderful. I consider my quilts finished after I am through piecing. They then go to the long armers and are on her list. A finish is a finish. Judy C

Heather said...

Beautiful applique! (And I, too, would consider the one at the quilters a finish.) Congrats on all of your accomplishments this month! :o)

Katie said...

If your quilt is held up by the quilter, you can hardly be accountable for that, right? (Unless you're the quilter...) I like the idea of a double-sided tablecloth and the watermelons will be great.

ANudge said...

Oh, my stars! What beautiful applique. Just gorgeous. Please consider adding a link to my blog post applique thursday last thursday so that my other applique enthusiasts can see your beautiful work.

Thanks for sharing!

Quilter Kathy said...

Projects are moving in the right (finishing) direction...way to go!

Suzanne said...

Absolutely amazing! Any finish is a good finish, no matter the project number.