September 20, 2011

Les hexies sont finis!

The scary hexies are now a top! (And no, I do not speak much French so hopefully that is stated correctly.)

The top was made from a French General kit that I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway from Thelma at Cupcakes N'Daisies.  (Thank you Thelma!)

I made the kit just as directed in the pattern, although I just had to add a few more different French General fabrics (if ten fabrics are good, fifteen are better--I can never resist more variety).  Of course I just told myself it was because I wanted to add a smidgen of green to make the quilt be a bit more Christmasy without it being a Christmas only quilt.  Here's a closer view... 

The kit had a generous amount of fabrics even without my additions, so now I've quite a bunch of French General scraps as well as some half hexies and quite a few whole hexies, so I'm sure you'll see another hexie project here sometime--but not soon.  First I've got a few  million other UFO's to finish, and of course, this still needs quilting!

Happy Stitching!


Julierose said...

Dear Donna--I am a new blogger and also working on hexagons; love your finished quilt--you were much smarter to put them in rows--I did the rosettes for a Grandmother's Flower Garden plan and am having lotsa headaches getting them to fit together. Quel mauvais chance!! Julierose

liz said...

C'est magnifique. What a great way to use up the French General. How big is the quilt?

QuiltSue said...

Les hexies sont merveilleux. I love the fabrics and the design.