April 09, 2011

Spring Flowers Growing in the Roseville

I've begun work on my April UFO, #4, which is another Roseville block.  Here's the beginning--choosing the fabrics to use--quite a messy process for me.  My sewing room floor, work table and ironing board are covered in heaps of brightly colored fabrics (I was too embarrassed to take a photo to show you, so just imagine.)

I thought the fabric selection process was going pretty smoothly, but then some strange flowers began growing on my design wall, right in the middle of the Roseville blocks.  I had promised myself that if I finished March's UFO on time, I could play a little on something of my choice. These are from my playtime.
They are blocks from another quilt pattern designed by Kim McLean called Flower Garden.

I made the center of the one on the left larger than in the pattern.  (A stray circle from the Roseville wandered onto it and decided to stay.)  I liked the way it looked at the time, although in the photo here it looks a bit odd/unbalanced and a tad too big.  But after seeing the large circle on the flower, the smaller ones just didn't look right to me.  I let the flower choose.

I have to admit it is a relief to choose the colors and fabrics for these large flowers after the Roseville--fewer fabrics to choose and fewer colors to balance.   The stitching is easier too (although I miss all the color changes, so there's no making me happy.)

Working on these gives me something to stitch on at night since my Roseville block isn't ready for stitching--mainly because I've been dithering over which fabrics to use for the bowl on the Roseville block.   Here are the blocks which will go around it:  (X marks it's spot)

I'm planning to use the periwinkle aboriginal for the vase, but am debating the fabric to use for the cut out portions.  Here are some of the choices--which do you prefer?  (Sorry for the rotten photos--between losing my battery power and having Blogger stubbornly refuse to cooperate, these are a bit of a mess--I'd hoped the photos would make it clearer to me which to use.  Sometimes seeing a photo clarifies things a bit.)
Mably Red Scales

Jacobs Turquoise Variegated Ivy
Liberty Red Meadow
Jacobs Magenta Begonia
And that's all I've been working on this month.  I've been surprisingly good at staying away from my other projects (thus far--the month is young).  The mess in my sewing room isn't conducive to new projects (how could you even find them?!)  And the hardworking college student currently studying at my dining room table is slowing down the cutting of my large strips for the Stripping Vine quilt I started last month (I need the space to cut), so I haven't made a bit of progress on it.

I'm not really complaining--it's been absolutely wonderful to have the dd home for a bit (too short of time).  I may actually learn to stay on task, for awhile anyway... Happy Stitching!


Cathy said...

Wow Donna your blocks are looking amazing, you are way ahead of me. I think the block choice I like best is the one with Jacobs turquoise, though the others are lovely too. Enjoy have dd home. xo

LynCC said...

I like Jacob's Turquoise best, also. So - you use reverse appliqué on the vase? It looks like the circles are going on afterward, though? I just love this project of yours!

Una said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment!! Your appliqued blocks are wonderful. I am so looking forward to seeing more when I'm home from vacation. Take care! U