May 10, 2017

4 Done, 96 to Go!

Finished two more blocks in the 100Days100Blocks2017.  Aren't you just so impressed?  Ok, so it is only two, but I'm trying hard to stay focused.

And in the interest of catching up, these are the Easter baskets I made for the twins.  I put a small stuffed dog (with a cheater quilt) in each with books that starred that sort of dog and some rabbit crackers and some child size spoons and forks.  The dogs and spoons and forks were the hit, although the baskets were carried around a bunch.  Definitely worth the time just watching their delight.  The Easter baskets were made from directions here.  This is the best photo I have before they unwrapped them.
My other spring project was a baby quilt for a nephew's daughter.  I made it in the same colors as a quilt I made for her sister in case they share a room.

I tried to use fabrics with little figures that might be of interest to her older sister.

I used more blocks on the back of the quilt.
And, of course, the older sister needed a quilt of her own for her baby too.

There's something awfully nice about FINISHING something--even if it is just a little doll quilt.

Hope you have a wonderful day and get some time to stitch!

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