October 19, 2012

Housing Starts Up in October!

Last spring I began work as contractor for a large housing development called Raining Cats and Dogs by Bunny Hill Designs.   The first house went up really quickly (except for the embroidery) and I thought the neighborhood would be ready to move into by summer.  But, building slowed and soon halted (maybe it was due to the economic environment and difficulty with loans, although I doubt it--after all, I was building primarily from stash.)

This fall, new funding (or fabric) sparked renewed interest in the Bunny Hill development, and construction started again.

This house is mostly finished, except for the door, windows. and flowers at the bottom. And, of course, it hasn't yet been sold--when it is, there will be a dog with umbrella on the right.

Other houses aren't as far along in construction--paint colors are still being chosen.

Of course, any good contractor surveys the competition. My beautiful daughter and I tried to check out the Pittock Mansion in Portland but we got there at closing time. (Don't you think it looks a lot like my housing development?) ;)

We had a wonderful time together (too short though)  And the pillow shams were delivered!
Then I was off to visit with my mom and dad, and was able to complete one more house.  Though most of the houses remain unsold, you can see a kitty has claimed this one, and is anxious to move in. (I'm not sure how happy she'll be when she discovers there is going to be a dog under that umbrella!)

Several other houses are under construction (I try to applique at night), but these had to come off the design wall for another project, so construction of new houses has slowed significantly.  I suspect it will pick up again in November--at least I hope the current project is done then!  (more on that another time)

Happy Stitching!


SewWhatsNew said...

Your houses are gorgeous. I love the color choices.

Shirley said...

Do you have one in pink?

Gorgeous houses. Fun post.

LynCC said...

FUN post :) Love your houses, and yes - that mansion fits right in!

Rachaeldaisy said...

These houses are so cool, I love the one with a cat on the roof!! Make sure you show us a photo when the dog under the umbrella is stitched. How fun!!