November 01, 2011

Scatterbrained October

The Patchwork Times UFO Challenge for October was #5, a Roseville Block that I finished and posted about in early October.  Here it is again for the UFO Challenge followers:

The vase fabric is from a panel of Field Bouquet by Kaffe.  The block reads a bit dark, but I like how it turned out, although it had its moments of stress.  Partway through I managed to cut a hole in it, which led to a few days of depression, then a bit of moving around of the circles.  But it could have been so much worse, and ended up just fine.

With my UFO done so early in the month, you are probably wondering what I did the rest of the month.  Well, so am I--October was a very scatterbrained kind of month!

First, I worked on the King George, and finished this block (totally ignoring the other block already in process).  It probably wasn't the best fabric choices because they blend into each other, but sometimes you just have to try something, and I like that green fabric!

Then we found a new home for the kitty that had adopted us.  I still miss her though.  She would come out to say hello whenever I got the mail in or went outside.  But she'll be much happier--or at least warmer--in her new home.  (I'm afraid she is missing the ability to roam at will, but hopefully when snow comes she'll be happier to be inside.)

Next, I started work on the Roseville house panel--here's a sneak peak of it.  But soon I got distracted, and started the bottom panel too (no photo of that).  Neither are very far along.

And then (here's the confession) I started TWO new projects.  There isn't much to show, and I doubt they are going to move along much until after Christmas, but here's a preview.  The first group is strips for a pattern called Hugs & Kisses, and the second group is just some 2.5 inch squares I started sewing together, a bit of a leader/ender, but once I get started, there is no stopping for awhile, so it's hard to say which is the leader or ender.  Eventually they will likely be used in a quilt called Coming Up Roses, unless I get sidetracked again.  More on these when they're further along...

The UFO Challenge for November is #3 which is another Roseville block (also already finished, because I swapped it for #11 back in September).  Guess I will have to get to work on #11, which is now back from the quilter--before I start another new project! :)  Only two months to go!

Scoreboard for the Month/Year/Total Project:
Roseville Blocks – one finished in October -10/13 blocks, 1/4 panels, 0/4 borders completed
Flower Garden Blocks – none completed in October, 9/24 blocks completed
King George III - 2/12 completed, one in October
UFO Challenges Completed - 10/12, up to date (with the substitution)
Old projects Entirely Completed - 4
New Projects Started – 11, including Hugs & Kisses and Coming up Roses in October

Happy Stitching!


LynCC said...

You know, I really like that King George even though the contrast isn't high. It's gorgeous.

JCnNC said...

Love your choice of fabrics and everything looks wonderful. Judy C

Rabid Quilter from CA said...

You've been busy! LOVE your Roseville blocks! Beautiful. Adorable kitty--hope he gets lots of deserved love in his new home.

Heather said...

I really like that King George block and think the colors are just beautiful. I too get easily distracted by new projects but somehow have convinced myself its OK if I've had the fabric for awhile.LOL

RENAE said...

Thanks for posting my button and participating in our Henry Glass Blog Hop! You have a fun blog . . .
Renae at RGA Design