December 31, 2010

UFO Challenge Goals!

Since I seem to be starting more new projects than finishing them, I've decided to participate in the Patchwork Times UFO Challenge as my form of New Year's resolution making.  (If I only finish one UFO as a result, it'll be a good thing--and it certainly is easier to sew or quilt than it is to diet and exercise!) 

Though I decided to participate earlier, my UFO list remained among the UFO's--until tonight.  Facing tonight's deadline,  I finally sorted through a few of the more accessible UFO's.  It was difficult to select which projects I think I can discipline/force myself to work on!   But, here's my list....

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 - Roseville Album quilt blocks.  I've numbered the ones I plan to do in green (which is hard to see--sorry)  for the first 6 UFO's.  (There are 2 blocks in number 6 because I've started on them both, but they aren't done.)  For the others I hope to at least prep the block, and partially stitch it.  I'm incredibly slow, so we'll see how this goes.

7.  Teal quilt -This is huge (king or so) and needs borders and a back, and to be trimmed and readied to send for quilting when I can afford to pay for it!

8.  Patchwork pillows - These need to be pieced, quilted and stitched together.  They were started several years ago for my daughter's apartment, and though I may keep them now, the pillow forms are taking up valuable space and need to make themselves useful!

9.  Capriccio - Most of the pieces are cut, and some piecing has been done.  Realistically I'd like to sew the next step (the triangle blocks together into the squares).  In my dreams, I'd like to make the blocks themselves--maybe even sew it all together, but let's not get carried away!

10.  Cookbook cover - I started thinking about this and moving the fabrics around, but got interrupted and never went back despite the fabrics sitting in a bin for a year waiting for me.

11.  New Wave  and Watermelon quilts - Both need to be finished either with borders or without (I need to decide),  backs chosen, and readied (trimmed on the back) for quilting.  Then taken for quilting IF I decide they'll be too much for me to quilt.

12.  Sunshine and Shadow - This is an ancient quilt from the 1980's (I think the third quilt I've started or maybe the 4th--it's hard to remember)  It needs quite a bit of work on the borders (IF I remember correctly).  It may need to be changed in size to actually work on a bed too--might be more than can be finished, but I hope to at least progress it in the right direction, and formulate a plan of action for it.

There are at least a million other projects buried in my sewing room, which is kind of depressing to think about.  Hopefully after this next year, and FINISHING all of the UFO's above, I'll have a lot more space to work in! ;)

Hope you have a fabulously Happy (and very productive) New Year!

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Miriam said...

Happy New Year Donna!

That is a very impressive list!
Some Roseville Album blocks are on my list too.