October 28, 2010

Roseville Album Update

I finally finished my Roseville Album panel (more or less).  When I last showed it, I was struggling to find a fabric for the two birds near the top.  (They're the pink & blue ones.)

While I am happy with them now, there are a couple other birds, a leaf or two, and a few berries that I wish were different colors. (the light lavender/green spot bird at the top for one)  

But I've decided not to change them for now. Maybe they'll fit in better as I finish more blocks, or maybe with the other blocks done, I'll want to change them to something different than I would now.  (Then again, with my memory lately, I may even forget I don't like them.)   I also worry that the panel seems too busy, but I guess that will resolve itself (one way or the other) when I finish a few more blocks. 

One lesson learned is not to jump around on the panel--better to start in one place and work from there otherwise you paint yourself into a corner where no color works because there's a similar one right next to it.  Here's the rest of the panel:


I  also started working on a couple of the smaller center blocks, so I'd have something to take with me when we traveled.    Maybe next time I'll have something to show.  (I must be the slowest worker though for the little progress I've made--you'd think I had to weave the fabric!)  

I've also started using up my leftover Bordered Diamond pieces--will post more about them soon, but here's a sneak peek. 

Happy Quilting!  

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QuiltSue said...

Wowwee that panel is amazing. There is so much in it, it must have taken you ages to complete it.