July 21, 2010

A New Blogger?

I'm experimenting with this blogging--wasting my quilting time!  My hope is that keeping a blog will make me more productive (by being accountable for my lack of results, I guess).  And, I'm hoping to get your input on my various projects.  Often when I am working on something and get to a point where I can't decide what to do, I just put it away and start something new.  Sometimes with time I'm able to think up a solution to the problem, but often I just forget, pull out an old project, and work on it again until I get to the same point (or screw it up because I've forgotten the problem from before--duh).  So I've scads of unfinished projects at assorted stages, as well as an overwhelming stash.

I'm not entirely sure how this blog thing works, but I've sure enjoyed the many many wonderful blogs out their in blogland.  Amazing work and creativity!!  Don't count on finding that here, but here goes....

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